In need of participants


Hi guys I am a MSc Forensic Psychology student just making plea. I am trying to collect my community sample data for my thesis and require UK participants only.I would greatly appreciate if you guys could visit and share these links with friends and family please. I only need 15 respondents per survey it is separated by males only and females only and please note that a respondent CANNOT respond to more than one survey e.g if you have sent the females only part D to one participant that person CANNOT also respond to females only part A,B or C. The codes are at the end of the links so the link ending in "AF" = part A females only, "BM"= part B males only etc.I have to finish collecting data by June 30th 2014
Thank you guys so much for any assistance you can give. HAVE A GREAT DAY


I looked at your survey, but the front page asks for 'name' and 'date' but with no way to complete these, as you cannot click on the spaces or type on them. Is this information required? Also, is there a guide on how long the survey takes to complete?


Done :) Hope the cut off was midnight tonight and that you get the data you need.


I am also collecting data. I'll be happy to fill your questionnaire. Can u send me a DM so I can ask you some doubts?