Including incomplete (cancelled) research topic in thesis?


I spent the first three years of my Master's study designing and collecting field samples for a research topic for my thesis - however, due to Covid I was stuck outside of my university country, and was unable to complete the laboratory work necessary to have results. I spent all of 2020 and the majority of 2021 being led on around by my university and the university's country on whether we could return to campus to complete the work, or if someone could run the samples for me, but neither option panned out. I then was forced to change my research topic to something entirely different from my original research question, based on being able to complete it remotely. The dilemma now is that I spent a lot of time researching the original question, writing up thesis drafts and other submissions for the school on the original idea, that I hate to just discard all that work and writing because it wasn't finished due to circumstances outside my control. Would including that as a section of my thesis be OK? How would I go about wording why there are no results? Thanks for any advice.