Internetional student with low GPA - tips to get accepted in MSc


Hello everybody,

Title says it all... I've been very busy working at two jobs while studying and as a result I have a low GPA (It's not called GPA in my country, but I have 44 credits from 100 maximum, while 40 is passing. Yeah I know, its very low).

Here is the case, now I'm with bachelor degree in Computer Sciences. Aiming to apply for Digital Marketing MSc at University of Southampton or MSc Information Systems: e-Business Technology at University of Manchester (links to the courses are below this post). I have a good working experience in relevant fields of almost 5 years (Marketing / Digital Marketing / Managing).

I know how hard is to get accepted in these universities even with high GPA. The problem is that there are no really good alternatives to these two, Digital Marketing / e-Business MSc is relatively new and most universities are still working on it.

Before anyone starts writing about my 0 acceptance chances, please note that I am very realistic person, with realistic goals. I just need your advice in improving my low chances of being accepted.

Here are the options I'm currently thinking of...

1. Show my best side in everything (letters, CV, working experience, motivation, recommendations etc...) to out-weight low GPA (again, I know its very hard and almost impossible)

2. Take 3 month Pre-Master course in another UK college / university and then apply to Southampton / Manchester + 1st option... (this option is relatively expensive and was suggested by one "Study in UK" agencies in my country, I don't know if its worth 4500 pounds).

Will highly appreciate your recommendations, tips and any help.




Anyone? Please...


You need a tutor. Someone who can personally help you become a better student in the subject(s) you are having trouble with the most. I have seen this with students before and they continue to decline until they reach out for help.


hi Vazm, thanks for posting here. My advice to you is not to give up. Most people realise later that maybe they should have done better (when they did the first degree) but we can't turn back time, we can only look ahead. The good news is, when you get your opportunity, you will definitely excel because you already have a different mindset and circumstances compared to previously.

We have often read of people who got their degrees while being in prison--what about those people then? when they had a totally different life BEFORE they took their degrees--they probably had nothing to start with. They probably started with a lot of regrets.

Have you found out the requirements for Southampton/Manchester? Do you really have to take the 3-month pre-master course? Find out what it takes to get accepted even with low GPA. Also, find out DIRECTLY from the university that you are interested in. There should be some kind of student advisor who can help you; and tell you which are the areas to improve.

I had a friend who had very poor BSc. grades but wanted to do a masters badly. His case is different from yours as he wanted to do a research MSc. So he approached the supervisor, and was told that he could be put in that research team for MSc, provided he do some additional courses--AND take on department work (which I think, honestly, they took advantage of him) but he wanted the MSc so badly, he did all this. After 3+ years of hard work (and partly being exploited by his supervisor to do departmental work), he got his MSc.

The choice is yours. Remember to also approach the universities DIRECTLY besides going through an agent.

Best of luck, and wishing you well.
love satchi