Involvement in Research Project at a different university


Hi, I'm an MA student and will be doing a little bit of assisting with a doctoral student's work at a different university. I don't want to overstate my input at all - it's minimal checking of work and further categorisation (I'm trying to be vague so as not to identify myself but the field of study is linguistics if that's helpful). It's paid work and I am very happy to be participating.
I was just wondering two things:
1) do I have an obligation to tell my course convenor/tutor that I'm involved? (he actually notified me about the opportunity but has no input in the project)
2) Will my input be acknowledged in any publications that come out of this work?

I am so inexperienced with these things.



You don't have to tell your supervisor, but why don't you want to?

Your input might be acknowledged, but if your role is minor, probably just in the acknowledgement section of a paper and not as an author.



My friend was also suffering from this type of situation. In their group project his role is very minor so that his present is such as background role. He just present the vocabulary and basic introduction of the project section.