Is there life after 40 as a women with a PHD?


I was a young academic, and then decided to leave and work in the 'real' which lead me into education, research and training. However, time went on and I embarked on a PHD - after six months of intense study I will hand in my work in early June. what concerns me is what next? My experience is vast and includes HE, FE, Schools, Public and private sector how can I reap the benefits ....any help would be good please..



I don't think your age matters much these days - so many people are doing PhDs throughout their 40s and many companies value experience over age.

It's hard to know what you're looking for... but with all that experience in education, perhaps working for a government dept such as the dfes might be worth a thought? Or there's GORS (, which I've also heard is worth a look.

Just an idea.


Thanks, I would like to be either a director or Head of something as I have alot of leadership and managment skills. It could be HE or private sector - I need assistance with ideas networks etc. I look forward to any responses...


gosh! im 42 and just starting my PhD this october...and i certainly feel as young as ever!! only thing-my daughter says iv spoilt the fun of graduation for her, having attended 2 of mine now. and says its a lot of catching up for her to