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Hello All,
I am a senior student in Management Information Systems at a university in Cyprus. My current GPA is 3.17 with three courses remaining. At the moment i am in the process of choosing a master degree most probably in UK and i really want to do something different than MIS. One of my main option is Financial Risk Management but i have some concerns regarding it and this is why i am creating this thread. Can i make this big turn from MIS to Risk Management? What is the difference between a master in Finance and a master in Financial Risk management in terms of academics and in job careers.
I am here to hear your advises!


1. Shouldn't be a problem switching from MIS to Risk Management or Finance tbh it all depends on what you want to do afterwards. What are your career goals?

2. MFin is more broad in giving you exposure to different elements of the Finance curriculum than financial risk management. All depends on your plans next so figure that out and then we can help you more.


Great, thanks for the reply.
Well i am from cyprus and we are mostly a financial service country even after the bail-in. The unemployment rate will keep increasing until 2015 for sure so i cant see any future with MIS here. I am considering as i said to go for a master degree in UK and i would like something with financial and far as i asked Risk Management is a great choice.
I havent even thinking of this one month ago thats why i wanted an advice.


Hello there,

I am Jide and I'm in need of advice on what course to choose for masters degree.I studied Human Kinetics and Health Education and graduated through the Health education sectort.However I'm looking at a career in entertainment business and most especially,in politics.Please I would really appreciate some advice on this.Thanks.


entertainment business... specifically politics! yes, that sounds plausible!


Thanks for your reply.So what course do you advice I choose for a masters degree that will suit my future plans?



This change will not be a hard one. However, are you sure that you want to do Risk Management? What makes you feel that this is something that you want to do. Depending on the program that you attend, the Masters of Finance will offer you broader opportunities, such as investment banking and things of that nature, while the Masters of Risk Management will pretty much pigeon hole you into Risk Management. Admissions_Advice_Online


Sorry for not monitoring this post i completely forgot it. Well i will be honest, i am not sure 100% if this is the right choice however there a few reasons that i am thinking about Risk Management. First reason is that most companies that are located in Cyprus are mainly offering financial services that is why i am doing a completely different degree than my first one (Management Information Systems).
Secondly, after the bail-in that we had here in Cyprus, many companies are seeking and hiring Risk Management degrees and with the recession going on here there would be a very big need for someone to manage the risk.
You are right, Risk Management it is indeed a very specific aspect of Finance but i would say it depends from which university you will apply. Most companies here (Cyprus) do not want a "general" degree in terms of finance but they want you to know something specific.
So this is up to anyone point of view, it is better to do something specific or something general? For me Management Information Systems was something general therefore i am going for something specific now.
I would like to hear your comments guys :)