Masters of Management in Petroleum Business


Which are the top universities in world which offer Masters of Management in Petroleum Business? And also where it would be the best to pursue the course?


Since nobody replied to my message lemme give it a break ... neways through my 'google research' i found three univs for MPBM:
a) Adelaide University (offering 1 yr MPBM)
b) Imperial College, London (offering MSc in Pet Business Science)
c) IPMG, India (offering 2 yr PGDM in Petroleum business)
Found IPMG to a below par institute . have no idea about other two.So now can anyone of you throw light about these two univs and the course.


Well Imperial is one of the best universities in the country (UK) and a top science/engineering university world wide. No idea about the other.


hmm thnx 4 info H ... i just found out that CEPMLP, University of Dundee offers MBA in Oil & Gas Management (1.5 Yr course)
Ne idea how this could be ?

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