Maths/Calculator Query


Attention Maths-Heads!

I'm calculating some geometric means of different pairs of numbers. The one I've just done gives a readout on the calculator screen of:


Does the e-4 bit on the end of the number basically mean that the number is far too long to fit on the screen so there is an error (e), and the -4 bit indicates that to get the real answer (which I am expecting to be very small) I have to move the decimal point 4 places to the left?

So it would end up as 0.000328

(I am wanting it to 6 decimal places)

Have I understood things correctly?

By the way, how do you give other users stars for helpfulness? Wanted to earlier today and didn't seem to have the function available...



Ogriv, there is no error. e means EXP (power to 10) so e-4 = 10 exp(-4) = 0.0001

And you are right. 3.283991735373e-4 = 0.000328


Thanks very much, Blue... I imagine EXP stands for exponential or something like that?

Nice to know I remembered the bouncing decimal point from Mrs Courtney's maths lessons of yore...

Thanks very much!