MBA in Chicago Booth - advise needed


Hi everyone,
This forum looks amazing and as I am looking into doing an MBA in a US university I wanted to hear your opinion on an option I have set my heart on. I have been looking for a good program for over 8 months now and my attention landed on this university - Chicago Booth ( I am most interested in it as it has a campuses in three different countries and I can take courses in any of them (London will be the one I will be attending mostly, but diploma will cover all). As the costs are quite out there I was wondering what is your opinion of the school - I did meet with a representative and they did mention a few options for scholarships, but if I do not land one I want to be sure this is truly worth my time and money. As I have no friends or family in US (living in Europe) I was hoping you may be able to advise on whether this is worth it - MBAs in UK are much cheaper and I was wondering if it is worth investing in a US education. Note that I see this option as a gate to relocating to USA one day (may be) and would like to know if the US Employer will be more interested in a candidate with a US diploma than a UK diploma?
Thanks in advance!