MBA-Sept 2008 intake - recommend universities in UK


Hi I am applying for sept 2008 intake for MBA in UK. i can arrange finance upto 12 lacs for fees. can any1 suggest good universties for me??
also wud like to know any info regarding local scholarships in mumbai.


Google for MBA league tables.




they wont come under 12 lacs!!


The University of Central Lancashire has a good MBA course which costs Indian students £10,500. Course fees are normally £12,500 but Indian students get a bursary of £1500.

Hope that helps.


I mentioned it in another post but...UClan and fees of £10K+ don't go together well in the same sentence. Not a great University. Find somewhere better.


this forum has a lot of rankings in one place, you could look here


Dear Karan,

I will suggest if you can add [email protected] or [email protected] and can be discussed further on online.
You can also visit for details on various course.

I would be interested to about your work experience, education (grades). MBA does requires a few year of work experience, depending where you applyng to. In your range, you can try for Birmingham City University, Bournemouth, Glamorgan University. These all are moderate level university, however under such range these will work. Alternatively, you can probably study in a college and get degree from university. MBA in college would be around 8500 pounds..

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Thanks for your response, I have 3 years of work experience in real estate. Currently working with a multi national company. I have achieved first grade in


Hello there,

That is fair enough. I would suggest to send your resume and either send you number on email or add us on any of the messengers (yahoo, msn or gmail) and we can talk on possible options. What is IELTS or TOEFL status? Have you received any score yet?

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There are many views on the topic


Hey thanks a ton aview, site is really useful.
Thanks again.


"Student" seems to be associated with some low ranked colleges/universities. UEL is legal but one of the lowest ranked in UK. LSC is a money making scheme (they admitted it to me, saying because they are a profit making college they take in weak students. Their Dean of Business, Geoff Lancaster, is linked to at least one other dubious college, Kingsbridge--they once offered me money to help in their fraud). School of Computing and Management offers degrees from Australian Institute of Bus. Admin,AIBA. The Australian government say it is not authorised ny them to offer degrees outside Australia. (AIBA is part of Gibaran; check anything to do with AIBA and Gibaran. I know they have links with several back street outfits in the UK).


I had an awful experience with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF). They pressurized me into a signing up which then left me without any options. They were where very unhelpful after paying the hefty £1,500 deposit, which hardly any other other schools require.


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