Need feedback about the IAT I've made!


Hello from South Korea to psychologists in UK! Nice to meet you all. I'm Rebecca, an MA student at LCC, and I'm working on a thesis project regarding food waste and food choice. I have built an Implicit Association Test (IAT), which "measures the strength of associations between concepts (e.g., black people, gay people) and evaluations (e.g., good, bad) or stereotypes (e.g., athletic, clumsy). The main idea is that making a response is easier when closely related items share the same response key. The IAT score is based on how long it takes a person, on average, to sort the words in the third part of the IAT versus the fifth part of the IAT." (

I hope to use the data I get from this experiment to design a solution for dismantling biases on the value of food and thus reducing food waste. This test is only available on a laptop, please make sure to open the link on a laptop to participate. And I know it takes some patience, but please finish the test (it only takes 5-10 min), because I've gotten feedback from participants who didn't finish, which led to misunderstandings about my intentions. However, I am very open to any feedback or inputs from all of you. Also, there's no "right" way to take the test, so please take it with your intuition!

I am in the process of interviewing grandmas and home cooks in my hometown to gather cultural insights and recipes that can be utilized and popularized if we take ethnocentrism out of our perception. If you'd like to participate further or have any questions about my research, please email me and I'd be happy to share my progress. Also, feel free to share the link with your friends and family if you found this to be interesting!