Need help with dissertation research please


Hi everyone,

I am currently doing research for my dissertation on consumer behaviour towards booking hotels. I would greatly appreciate if you could take 2-3 minutes to fill this in for me as I am running out of time.

If anyone needs any of their surveys filled out, feel free to post your link also.

Many thanks in advance!

Survey link is:


HI Emma. Did your survey! :-) If you have time, could you do mine? Here's the link:

Thank you! :-)


Hi guys, just completed your questionnaire as well. Can you do something in return for that by answering my survey? It's about surpervisor reactions to employee voice! It takes about 10 minutes! Your help is really appreciated!!


Hi Emma, I have just done your survey :) I'm also currently collecting research for my dissertation so if you have the time could you please do mine too, I would be so thankful! The survey is on perceived attractiveness and life experiences.