Need some motivation...


Ok, I have just over 1 week to get the dissertation finished... I just can't seem to get writing. I have various bits and pieces all disjointed, probably about half way there and have a couple of days from work and this weekend to get the rest sorted.
So top tips for motivation please, and any motivation favourtie tracks as during my procrastination have downloaded spotify...:p


Break it down into smaller chunks
Cut yourself off from everything (esp facebook, forum, e-mail etc)- if you must check once in morning and once in evening (unless dissertation related it is not important)
Switch off phone (again unless it is dissertation related or an emergency DO NOT ANSWER IT
Delegate as much as you can - get someone else to deal with all domestic issues (shopping, cooking etc)
Reward yourself with things you have to do anyway (eg a bath)
Accept you won't get sleep but adrenelin will get you through
Recruit a proof reader
Don't underestimate the time it takes to print and make sure you have printer cartridges.
Have acknowledgements etc ready
Make arrangements for binding - cheaper means you need to book it in (eg at uni) - short notice means you spend more money (eg at a copy shop but even then there may be queues).
Make sure you know what covers etc you have to have.
My personal view is that music is a distraction - even if the music isn't you are wasting time selecting tracks etc.
When I did my MSc I hardly saw my children (then 5 & 3) during the last week of my dissertation. My husband shopped and cooked and told me when dinner was on the table. He did all the childcare / ferrying to school and fielded phone calls. He also did proof reading for me.

Because I had written my first master's dissertation in 4 weeks while I was heavily pregnant I kept putting things off until the last minute when I did my MSc ("well I'm not pregnant this time so it will be easier"). After three days with 3 hours sleep (one and a half hours on each of two nights) my big difficulty was that when I was ready to start printing at 9am (for 3pm submission) the printer cartridge had run out and the two spares jammed so I spent an hour and a half going to get replacements (I live in a rural area) - buy some genuine cartridges to have ready (I had cartridge world refilled ones and they are not reliable enough). I also had a 15 mile drive to the university and I probably shouldn't have been driving (but husband had to pick up kids from school)

Good Luck - lots of us have been there and we lived to tell the tale - you will too.


I was actually going to try and give a bit of advice, but after reading the authoritative post below...what Jepsonclough says!


Yes, thank you. Just the common sense talk I needed.... thankfully I have been told I can just submit a digital copy, no need for printer ink nightmares etc.
This is my first degree, never having completed a BSc, so although I have completed a number of assignments etc during the course I am finding the dissertation a struggle just in terms of knowing what is expected. I swing from being happy with what I am writing, to feeling like it is completely off the mark and not up to scratch.... I guess maybe this is normal.

Anyway, head down and keep ploughing on.


Thank you very much Jepsonclough for your input. I too have my MSc dissertation to finish ASAP. I am starting a 1+3 ESRC funded thing on 4th October so ideally I don't want overlap between that and my current Masters. I need to get, at the VERY least, a first draft of this dissertation in by 3rd October at latest.

Only bugger is I am working full-time till 24th September, but I reckon that even on the days I am most tired (I do bloody shift work) I can do one hour on the diss. On better days I can do 2 or 3 hours, and at weekends I can do all day and evening.

Was thinking of starting Masters accountability thread if there is the need for it (though judging by the word of Jepsonclough, that might well be procrastination in itself). All hail Jepsonclough! (up)


Hey, I just wanted to say I got my results today and......


I have no idea how that happened, but thank you again for helping me get on with the writing. Good luck with all of your work x