Old gal embarking on MSc with OU...what was I thinking?!


Hello everyone :)
I'm an older gal finally embarking on postgraduate study with the OU.
And feeling decidedly wobbly at the prospect!
I am hoping to connect with other folks in a similar position, perhaps for mutual support and advice?


Hi I am in exactly the same position! Happy to share the journey with you


Me too, although I don't start until September.


I am hoping to start a Master's in September, too. What will you be studying? I will be studying Childhood and Youth


I've just registered as well - for Environmental Sustainability. Less than two years from retiring. Need something to motivate me after not been successful at interview again. Bit worried about the workload, and more whether I am clever/thorough enough, especially for the research dissertation. Didn't do that part well at undergrad.


Hello, how are you getting on? I am hoping to start as well and I feel the same as you. Coming from the industry background, sometimes it is hard to justify the benefit of undertaking PG studies, when it seems you can continue to learn and develop on the job.


Hi, I am in the same boat starting an MSc course with the OU in January - mostly worried about the amount of hours required and whether I can still think clearly enough to carry this off!