Online Masters constant anxiety


I just feel kinda lost and stressed about it. I have no passion really. It's like my brain overclocks regularly from this. I had a panic attack in the initial Zoom meeting. I hate having this decision for something which will be 2 years basically isolated :(


Hello 👋

I hope you’re doing ok. I just started my MSc end of September and I am struggling. I feel overwhelmed with the workload, lost in my lectures and isolated because my classes are still online. I can understand your anxiety as I am feeling it, especially with January deadlines creeping up. Yesterday I was convinced I was going to quit because of a formative group presentation. I didn’t and I managed to get something done to show participation. Just know you aren’t alone and there are probably many of us who feel like this. Take care of yourself and remember you got this!


Hi! I feel you! I have done that online since it starts. So isolated and lonely. I joined some of the online workshops which allow me to talk to others at school even it’s still virtual. But I understand that isn’t enough. Take care of yourself first. Take a break if you need (I’m doing that). I was told that not to make a big decision while feeling overwhelmed. It won’t be a problem to deny your decision making for a few weeks or months. Hope you are good!