Out of my depth in a module


I'm completely out my depth for a module which I have to take in first semester and second semester. I don't have the necessary mathematics and hard skills needed to do it. I feel like what's going to happen is that I fail the 5 coursework pieces and then somehow have to make it up in the exam. What should I do? I've done the whole study harder get help etc but it doesn't seem to be the best option now.


Hi Dominoes20

Sorry to hear about your situation. Do you think that you could learn the necessary mathematics and hard skills if you had more time? I think the best thing to do would be to speak to a few people so you get a balanced view and hopefully some support. Could you meet with the lecturer, and then maybe your personal tutor/academic advisor and just say what you've said here? You can then find out options (eg. Is there an option to redo coursework during the next summer if it fails), and you can make a plan of action.



There are usually math help centres in universities - any chance you could get help there? Either way, you need to reach out and get help with this so people are at least aware you're struggling. Don't keep it to yourself.