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I have a problem that i would love somebody to help me with. I am just finishing my Masters Degree and i got my dissertation mark which is 75% and my overall mark for my taught models is only 65%. Are the credits of the dissertation higher than other taught modules? I was just wondering where does that leave me? Is it a Merit? Or just a Pass. I am unsure how they calculate the average. 65% and 75% is a average over 70. But if i calculate all my taught modules and my dissertation together i just get a pass. Is the dissertation rated higher then the taught modules? Can somebody answer this question?


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Can somebody answer this question?

Probably not. Grade boundaries vary from uni to uni, as do the weightings of the taught and dissertation components. Some Masters courses don't even award a 'merit' grade - mine was just either pass or distinction. So you'd be better off checking your course handbook (if you have one) or contacting the teaching office.


Agreed, it varies between unis.

With both my MScs, I needed to receive an overall average of 70% plus at least a 70% average for the dissertation for a distinction.

My first MSc awarded merits, whereas my second MSc (at UCL) only awarded a pass or distinction.

Depends on the university, check with module leaders. I averaged around 65% for both MScs, but received a merit in one and a pass in the other.


Whereas my uni I think the boundary for a distinction was 80%, and anything other than that was a pass. So it really does vary.