People’s Views and Experience of Flossing and Gum Disease

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Dear all,

I am currently working towards an MSc in psychology at the University of Nottingham. I need a fair number of participants for an online study I am conducting on people's views and experience of flossing and gum disease. A full information sheet is provided within the questionnaire itself. It would be fantastic if you could take part:

If your birthday is an even number (e.g., 14th of the month please) please click on link A:

If your birthday is an odd number (e.g., 15th of the month) please click on link B:

Please use only ONE link.

Thanks very much for your time and best of luck with your own endeavours,



Hi John
Good luck with this. I have a day off work as I have just been to the dentist a couple of hours ago to get a tooth out! - which is why I am posting at this odd time. Flossing is something I do often - I believe it reduces your chance of heart attack? Will have a look at the questionnaire. Hope it goes well.

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Hi there Angelette,

Thanks! Yes apparently there are links between oral health and heart disease. Your participation is much appreciated, feel free to forward the study to other people you may know who may be interested. I have a fair number of responses to collect (around 200 over the next couple of weeks).
All the best,



Hi John,
Did the survey! Very important topic. My mum has gum problems in her 50s and I intend to do my best to avoid all these problems... :-)

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Hi Ash,

Thank you very much for taking part, it is indeed an important topic. Feel free to circulate the study among people you know who may be interested.

John :)