Personal statements


Hi everyone,

I currently writing an online application to study postgraduate course in Pyschology and Counselling studies Keele on a part-time basis, I am particularly interested in this course as it seems to provide a good foundation in theory and practice with an option to develop from postgrad cert to diploma then Msc. I hope that by taking the course I can develop the skills neccesary to practice as a counsellor (pyschotherapist), my undergraduate degree is in Criminology and Sociology, my concern is I have researched the subject but I'm uncertain how to write my personal statement as I have no professional qualifications in counselling, but I hope to learn the necesary skills by taking the course, including the postgrad cert foundation elements of the course. I have written a couple of hundred words, but am worried that this will not be enough, even for a taught course.

Any advise or examples of writing a good personal statement would be very welcome




Hi Iain,

I'm not in a position to advise you in that I'm in a similar boat: I've just submitted my MA application for a programme that isn't directly related to my undergrad studies, so I can identify with your troubles writing the PS. So, bearing that in mind, I think a fleshed-out version of what you've written here will be fine for your PS. Have you explained why you want to do the course? Related it to any aspect of your previous studies and/or work or personal experience? Have you identified any aspects of the course that particularly interest you? Have you said what you can bring to the course on the back of your undergrad studies? Have you talked about your career aspirations? Those are the sorts of things that need to be covered in the PS, so if you've done that I'm sure you'll be fine. Regarding length, I've been told that it's best to keep it to one page or thereabouts. My PS is around the 650 word mark or just over one side of A4. We don't want the admissions people to lose the will to live after all ;-)

Good luck with your application (robin)