Referencing data / software in EndNote?


I have been advised to reference the data & software for my dissertation, I have been sucessfully using EndNote for other references which is helping a lot. Any ideas how I would include references to datasets...? Do I just pick a random article type and complete it best I can (eg electronic journal?), or manually just edit at the end (might forget...). Having trouble finding anything on google.

Ta for any help! x

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It depends on your referencing style. APA style for example has a 'guideline' book that tells you in ridiculously specific detail how to lay out every aspect of your paper including types of references.


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Ah, it is based on Harvard. I have guidelines from the university (I have made a few changes to the Harvard EndNote style to fit), but there isn't a data example... there are some online, but I just wonder if I can "fit" them into one of the EndNote templates.. eg electronic article or whatever as there isnt an option for data in the drop down.
Or maybe I need to construct my own.... hmm

EDIT: Ok, worked it out, possible to add a new reference type and style appropriately by editing the bibliography templates 8-)
New question - if some of the data being provided/ used is the raw form/ output of a study which is already being referenced, then I suppose I need to reference both the data and the report?