SPSS messing with categorical variables


I'm doing a logistic regression and quite a few of my key variables are categorical. I've indicated this and said which I would like the reference category to be. However, in the output, it's including the variable both with the correct reference category (FIRST) and the incorrect one (LAST). Anyone else had this and know how to rectify it?


When you are setting up your regression model, you'll have your IV's and your DV. You need to click on the categorical button at the side of the logistic regression window after putting all your variables in. When you click on the categorical button, you then drag all the categorical variables to the right hand side and select either first or last as your reference category. If you don't like the first or last category as they are, you will need to go in and recode your variables so that the category you want is first or last.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Killahtron. I did that, and selected the reference category I wanted. But it still insisted on producing output with both reference categories simultaneously! Most odd.