Strategic Managment online MBA program?


I am looking for an online Strategic Management MBA program.
Can anyone help me with this? I've found very few offering this specific concentration and those that do offer it are very costly and not well known universities.

Help please. thank you!!


Dear Shadow, i've always said and will say it again. Distance Learning Program are a great waste of money, time and resources. Unless you are physically present in a class, competing against REAL living students you will not be able to reap the rewards. Further more your future employer will remain skeptical about quality of education. Jobs may be given to those with a Full time MBA. It is generally agreed that degrees awarded via internet are not taken seriously and always looked down upon. Even though your intentions are noble but Internet still remains a hobby for serious academia.


This is simply not true and blanket comments about distance learning programmes are extremely unhelpful. OU is held in v high regard.


olright olrighty what i said earlier is my personal opinion...

a personal opinion based on years of experience watching many online degree holders ending up with jobs that they could have gotten without the having THAT degree at all.


I know NUMEROUS people who've done v well with online/distance learning qualifications from accredited Institutions. Unless you have a specific example you're prepared to give you need to keep quiet.
Distance learning needs considerable motivation and self-control -- not everyone will do v well therefore some will fail to gain good positions afterwards due to this.
The OU is highly ranked in league tables , the Univ of London do highly regarded Distance learning external programmes, etc...


Without sufficient examples to back that up you're treading on thin ice.
For many people this kind of qualification is the only option; I'm sure there are many poor programmes delivered this way (just as there are poor programmes delivered at Universities. But to make blanket comments when some places do very good jobs is naive at best, insulting at worst.


This is about MBA - a rather unique qualification which is clearly NOT suited for online/distance learning. The reason is that the main benefits derive from the competition among classmates, as mentioned above as well as the case study discussions from different industry and cultural backgrounds.


Pamplemouse, you talk absolute rubbish and have no clue what you are talking about. I reckon you don't even hold an MBA?


Durham, Warwick offer distance programmes for MBA. It is difficult to imagine they are not good. Both are AMBA accredited. Warwick is AACSB also. OU claims to have a good reputation. I've met a few of its MBA graduates. They were not very impressive; in fact very weak.

If you are considering a distance programme make sure it is from a well established business school. Ignore all of the credit for life experience "schools"; they are cowboys. For the UK check at

And for USA check USDE, CHEA and OSAC. Also, google "wiki bogus degrees".