Stuck with thesis


Hi there,

I'm still at the start up phase of writing my thesis, what I'm planning on researching is whether there is another "vacation-type" market other than luxury resort destinations for a certain small island. So a bit of tourism developement but also taking sustainability into account.

At the moment I have so many different ideas in my head and I'm simply feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.
What would be possible good research questions/objective?


Can anyone help Serin?


Hi Serin,

I only just signed up to the forums.

Im an honors student (so a phd candidate in training? lol) but what might help is to write down all those ideas on a piece of paper of various cards and sort then out by groups of interest...

For example my thesis is on social media, trust and regional SMEs (small to medium enterprises) I would brainstorm ideas or the direction I would like to take with my thesis and write them all down... Then when you have chosen the top 5-10 ideas play with them and see if you can combine them...

My supervisors have told me that ideas will chop and change 100 times over but at least you will have a general direction to where you want to go..

Good Luck and I hope my ramblings helped a small bit!