Student Visa Application


Hello, my name is Mete and I have a question for student visa application. I want to do masters in some university in Spain (I live in Turkey,non-citizen of EU) and I can pay for tuitions but I don't have someone as a guarantor (financial) . Visa application wants me to show a financial proof for living expenses etc. I don't have a lot money saved like 30.000 euros. Can a university be my guarantor? of if I have a scholarship can I avoid showing someone as a guarantor? 


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Most countries have special visas for students that have different (laxer) standards. Also if you get accepted onto a course, the university will usually help with the visa application. However you will need enough money to financially support yourself for the entire period.


You must have some plan to support yourself when you are doing the masters. What is the plan? You need to provide proof of this - whether it is a letter or bank statement, for example. You shouldn't need a guarantor if you have evidence of how you will be supporting yourself.