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Can someone who is doing a Masters tell me what kind of level of contact I can expect from my supervisor? The dissertation is due in 5 months and we haven't met yet, what exactly will be his role, how long are your meetings and how frequent etc? T


Hi Taramarie,

I'm doing an MA in an Arts subject and I see my tutor extremely regularly. (At least once a fortnight). However my supervisor is responsible for the whole of my MA (which is an independent study) so we don't just meet to talk dissertation. We usually talk for 30 mins but on occasions have talked for a lot longer than this! I do think a supervisor like mine is rare though from what I've heard. I think if your dissertation is due in 5 months you should contact him as soon as possible to arrange a meeting so that you can talk through your ideas and where you're going with it.

A tutor's role and input varies between institutions and departments. When meeting with my tutor I usually talk through my ideas or read him some of my writing. If I'm organised enough :p I'll send him some stuff in advance to look at. He then talks through how I'm doing and offers suggestions on what to include. He points me towards resources I need and is generally extremely helpful. However, I did my BA undergrad degree at the same institution and consequently have built up a good rapport with my supervisor. Which may explain why he's so helpful.

How well do you know your supervisor? Have you had any previous experience of him supervising you on anything?


I met my supervisot twice during the whole process, and contacted him by e-mail about three or four times. He was totally uninterested in my subject and told me that he had been made to be my supervisor. On the other hand, my PhD supervisor sees the students who are doing their MA diss with him very regularly, and gives them proper feedback. Sounds like you have one like I had :-( . how much that is a problem depends upon how much help you need, or think you might need. Get in contact with them and see how much help they are going to be, and then maybe decide if you need to get someone more enthusiastic!