Survey Exchange?


Hi :)

My name's Natalie, and I'm currently doing an MSc in mental health at the University of Northampton. For my dissertation, I need to get some participants to take part in my survey, looking at self-harm and predictors of self-harm. It doesn't matter whether you have ever engage in self-harm behaviours, you just need to be aged 18+.

I know that there are loads of people looking for research participants, so I thought this thread could be an exchange, for those in need. If you need to collect participants, complete the other research topics in here in exchange for participants of your own - everybody wins! It means we can all reach our totals that little bit quicker :) Just reply to whoever's you have completed and they can return the favour!

My survey can be found here:

Thanks, and good luck with everyone's research!

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Done. GOOD LUCK mate. could you help me do a Questionnaire.Only 3 mins Cheers


Done - very interesting survey Natalie. Good luck with your studies!