Thesis corrections didn’t save


I have been a bit “haunted” by something that happened to me in graduate school. After submitting my MA thesis my advisor and the second reader corrected lots of typographical errors. I incorporated my advisor’s corrections with no problem. However, there was a big problem when I tried to incorporate the second reader’s corrections. I did the corrections and pushed the save button on my computer. However, unbeknownst to me the corrections did not save for reasons that I have never understood. Some days later my advisor called me into his office and mentioned that he had found lots of errors in the thesis. He checked the copy of the thesis that he had given me for correction and found that those corrections had, indeed, been made. Then he wondered out loud why the second reader hadn’t caught the mistakes. But he never asked for the second reader’s copy of the thesis. I went home, checked the second reader’s copy of the thesis and saw, to my horror, that the corrections had not saved. I stayed quiet and nothing came of this. I got my degree, but I have always wondered what could have happened if my advisor had discovered that the second reader’s corrections had not been incorporated into my thesis. Under these circumstances could the thesis have been rejected?