two questions


Two questions:

1. How long to plan and write a 15,000word dissertation? I have 8 weeks. Research is mainly completed. Is this possible?
2. Is it customary to get your supervisor a gift when you finish, if they've been helpful, or does seem like brown-nosing?


I think 8 weeks is plenty of time. I don't think it's common to give a gift - but if I were goingto I think I'd give a bottle of something - a reasonbly good wine perhaps.


1. Two months is a good amount of time to finish a dissertation, but will you not have to submit a draft at some point to your tutor/supervisor?

2. It depends what country you're in! If you're in the UK, it's not customary to give a gift, and it probably embarrass your supervisor. Just thank them.


Thanks, i feel reassured. I'm in the UK, but we're both from North America. I'll think about a bottle of wine. See how the grade goes maybe!


to 2.: in my group this is generally down (e.g. tickets to the zoo, wine, etc), but only after the viva and once you have passed, not before (that could be interpreted the wrong way).