Viva in 10 days


Hi there

i am due to sit my viva next friday 16th nov for my mphil thesis.

I submitted it early september before i started 2 months of training for a new job so it has been the last thing on my mind for a long time.

I had originally started the research as a phd but decided to downgrade it to an mphil as i didnt have the passion or interest to continue with the phd.

it has taken me 2 years to write the thesis and in general i have not been the happiest person in the world during it - to be honest i cannot wait till it is all over with.

i am pretty sure my future career will not involve the area of my thesis (my current new job doesnt), but i guess things can change.

anyway what i am trying to say is that the combination or my general low interest in the field and the last 2 months of not thinking about it has got me very worried that i will not do very well at my viva.

is there anything i really MUST do to do the best i can at the viva?

obviously i need to know everything as well as i can but should i be practising any essential questions or summarising things, knowing references thoroughly etc etc - adding post its to my copy of the thesis etc?

ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think my greatest fear is that i get asked a load of super in depth questions that i just dont know the answers to - 2 hours of that cud be hell :/

thanks everyone


I havent written my thesis yet and hence unable to advice you about viva.

All the very best. Review your thesis as thoroughly as possible. Wish you success.


Hi Basictonal, sorry to hear you've had such a hard time with your MPhil. You might get a better response if you post this question on the PhD forum - there will be a lot of people there who have been through the viva experience.