Westminster or Oxford Brookes???


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Hi there,

I have been accepted by those unis for an MBA couse, but I am so much confused about which one should I choose?
I live in London and I wanna know if it's worth moving to Oxford for the course?

What would you do if you were me?
I desperately need your opinion:)

Please help:)


I don't know anything about MBA courses, but I can tell you that Oxford is a wonderful city, albeit one with a very different pace of life to London. There's plenty to do and see, but the atmosphere is a little less... hectic?

If your decision is based more on the course than on the location, I guess you need to work out which course has the best reputation (I assume there's a league table for MBAs?) and, importantly, which one is structured in the way that sounds most appealing to you.


Thank you very much NapoleonOfCrime for your time. I really appreciate that.

I really like both cities. I don't think I'll struggle in Oxford. So there is no problem in terms of living there.

I have actually checked all those lists, but somehow there aren't much MBA ranking lists in UK. I have found only one which shows Westminster is better than Oxford Brookes. The other rankings are global based which doesn't show those two.

My decision is based on the course. So I need to find out which one, but I really don't know how:(