What kind of support can I expect from the Supervisor, Department, and University - MRes in Photog


I'm about to commit to a two-year part-time MRes in Photography. I'm a (very) 'mature' student but am keen to get the most I can from the experience and for my money! I'm wondering what kinds of support / encouragement / facilities to expect from them? I'm fairly happy with my supervisor (who is quite senior) and know that I will get my fair share of their time. But what about facilities such as printing, help with publications, involvement / attendance / participation in undergraduate and taught masters programmes, networking and access to common rooms, study space other than in a library? Any thoughts, tips etc would be really appreciated. I realise a lot depends on me and how prepared I am to put myself out, but anything specific? Thanks in advance.


All of that will depend on the university. You should ask this question of your supervisor directly. They are all different.


I agree with pm133, they are all different. My friend and I have the same supervisors but I have a really bad relation with my supervisor but my friend took a good advantage of them. You would think it is my fault which I agree on because I did not except to publish my paper in his name as a first author and that made him angry.
You need to set rules with your supervisor, agree on a weekly meeting. Agree on recording your meetings with your supervisor or find another way to document your meetings with them. Keep your relation as shallow as you can, because they will try to be close friend with you to know your weak points and then use them against you like my supervisors did. I had emails document everything and that is how I filied a complaint against them and they were really annoyed because I exposed them to university.
Hopefully, you will have a good experience that most of us in this forum.
Good Luck