Worried about my MRes' weak conclusion


Hello everyone,

I handed my MRes in last week and I'm worried i'll get a poor mark because of my weak conclusion.

The introduction, methodology, lit review and first two chapters were fine. But the final chapter wasn't of the highest quality, and I only spent about one hour writing a 500 word conclusion for a 30,000 word thesis. Now I'm convinced that i've wasted almost a year and i'm going to receive a dreadful mark. I know there's nothing I can do now, but I cant stop thinking about it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


My conclusion was 1-2 pages, project failed and this is why. As my mentor told me as long as justify why the project failed you will be okay. Still came out with 65%, could have been higher if I didn't get banned from using the Uni computers (no papers access) for failing to pay my fees (2 months before i had access again) and lived 75 miles away or didn't submit a review to my main mentor once. So don't worry I screwed up big time, so you should be okay. If a walking disaster like me can crawl over the line, I expect you to fly over the line (p.s my thesis was 10k words)


I would say a weak conclusion would lose you 3-5% at most, so I wouldn't worry.


With a good conclusion I think I may have got somewhere around the 75% mark. So I'm hoping that I will only receive a 5 per cent penalty, then I'll still get a distinction.

Thanks for the replies.