Writing master thesis in G Suite?


Hi there ,
I´m a first year postgrad student in business administration planning to write my master thesis in about a year.
Being in the market for a new notebook right now I thought about getting a chromebook since it fullfills all my needs perfectly. The only thing I´m wondering about is how good is G Suite? I used it in the past for most of my assesments but those were mostly small tasks.

Can you write a master thesis comfortably in Google Docs or is Word the just overall better solution?

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You can write it in whatever makes you feel comfortable. However, I think you should consider; what software your supervisor/department likes, can you do the required formatting and will you exceed the 50MB docs limit. I would say most formatting requirements (journals, thesis) are written around MS Word and LaTeX. Google Docs is not that common so you may have issues with people accepting the file format. I would recommend LaTeX as you have complete control over the formatting and doesn't have any compatibility issues.


You could try creating the template of your thesis on Google docs and see if it does everything you need it to? I had issues getting my page numbers to display on landscape pages in my masters thesis, and that was with Word. So I think I'd be inclined to stick with Word, just in case Google docs couldn't do things I needed it to in those final days (or hours in my case) before printing the thesis.