Open University BA for a MA English Literature.


Hello everyone.

Basically, I am currently studying for a BA English Literature (Hons) with the OU and I am hoping to get a 2:1 at the end of my degree. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with applying to universities for MA courses with an OU BA (Hons)?

I have been considering the University of Liverpool, Manchester and other institutions local to me. Would an OU degree be viewed as lesser when applying? My apologies if this is a pretty naive post, regretfully due to illness I had to leave conventional education (A levels) to recover. I am now trying to recuperate and focus on making strides in my field of choice. I currently have 10 GCSEs A*/A (I doubt MA applications want GCSEs) with prospects of getting a 2:1/1st in my English degree.

Any input/information would be highly appreciated :)



Hi Nathan,

An OU degree is respected. My BA is not from the OU but I do know of a lecturer who did his undergraduate degree with the OU.

To do an OU degree requires a lot of self-motivation and I'm sure you would be fine. Universities are businesses and they are looking for bums on seats.

I say go for it with applying for an MA if that is what you want to do and good luck.


The structure of the OU is brilliant I just did not know how it was recognized in wider academia. I eventually want to go into teaching but I aspire to get an MA English Literature at some point, I was considering doing it again with the OU whilst in the NQT phase.