Best technical masters degree after law degree - some help?


I am currently a law student, who does not want a career in law. I realized I like entrepreneurship and want to work for technology companies that do impactful work. Maybe as a strategy consultant or business analyst. I want access to the following exciting industries of the future:

- Renewable energy.
- Machine Learning
- Robotics.
- Big data Etc etc

I understand these all require technical degrees to access. So what are the best masters degrees to do this? I am thinking the following:

- Masters in Data analytics
- Masters in Economics.

Some insights if possible. Much appreciated.

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Hi b9063,

Do the degree you think you will excel best in. There is no point doing a degree for a specific career if you don't enjoy the course or modules. Ideally you want to choose a course that you think you can both do well academically in and gain the most relevant skills.

Of the exciting industries you mentioned the broadest by far is renewable energy. The renewable energy sector requires a range of different skill sets that are not exclusive to technical people. I might be wrong but for machine learning and big data you need good statistics or programming knowledge. If you not comfortable learning either programming or advanced statistics it might be difficult. While robotics is a field on its own.