Masters of Science in Law


Hi everyone.

I am brand new here! I am almost finished with my first masters and have decided to go for another. My original goal was to go for CAGS at NCU but seeing how they do not accept FA for that program I am out of luck. First of all I am looking for something online. Second, I am hoping someone can help me find a specific program.

I am really looking for a Masters in Law. Champlain Univ offers one and it is online but the tracks are not what I am interested in. I really need something in justice or even more desireable would be criminal law.

Also, Univ of Pittsburgh offer the exact program I want but it is not online.

I am not looking for "Legal Studies" Or a "LL.M". Both of those are different from what I am wanting. Most legal studies programs are set for advanced paralegals which I am not. And the LL.M although seems like a masters in law actually requires a first year law degree so it is out.

IF anyone could help me find a few programs I would be forever greatful. I spent most of lsat night searching the net and came up with the two I mentioned.

If anyone knowes of any other online advanced degrees I would like to check to them out. I am not really interested in a EJD as it is not widely known and a PhD is simply too much research and time.


I know nothing about Law, but two providers of online programmes you might like to check based in the UK are the Open University ( and The University of London Distance learning programme ( They may have something suitable.


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