need help in choosing a course


I have completed my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering in may 2013. I am presently working in a company where I am a functional consultant in supply chain management which is IT field. I want to pursue MS in US but confused to take which course. Shall I go for mechanical or courses like industrial engineering or MIS which relates to my job as well.


I think this all depends on how much women are being promoted in engineering training and engineering careers in the US compared to other countries. For example, in the UK there is a massive drive towards women being given special access to grants and career progression in engineering (also all STEMM areas). In fact due to the way funding will be allocated in the near future, it will soon be very unusual to find a university in the UK that does not promote such schemes. These measures are long overdue and I think you will agree that promoting gender equality in this way will be a HUGE benefit to engineering and the economy.


I have completed my B.C.A. graduation in India. Now, I have been planning to go in USA for advanced education. But there is confusion is that which course shall be better for me from M.C.A. or MSc IT.