What to do after B Sc.in Criminal Justice?


I graduated from Troy University with a BSc. in Criminal Justice with a 3.7 GPA.I am thinking of going to law school been studying LSAT preps now and then to take the test as soon as I can.However, I have a question on MSc. Forensic Science.Can someone pursue a MSc. in Forensic Science with only a BSc. in Criminal Justice (minor in psychology) ? or what other graduate programs can someone take with a BSc. in criminal Justice excluding the obvious one Msc. in Criminal Justice?

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Hi williebald,

Not an expert in criminal justice/ forensic science/ US university system but I will give it a go.

Most courses say what their requirements are and there is usually the catch-all "or other relevant field". So I would check each of the courses yourself and give them a call/email to check. Though it is a science degree and as such having a law based bachelors course isn't going to look good. Forensic science is a science subject and they will be expecting you to have basic maths, problem-solving skills and maybe basic chemistry/biology. If you want to go down forensic science you will probably need to show the admissions staff you have the relevant skills as a pre-requisite, which can only be determined with a call.

If you are wondering what to do a masters in general. What topic interested you the most in your course? Explore that area and find a course that is relevant, as doing a masters that you are interested in always helps.This a personal decision and only you know what is right for you, so sit down and do alottttt of research to find what is right for you.