Didnt finish my Msc Degree due to personal compelling reasons



I started a 1yr masters degree in Pyschology in 2016/17 academic year. I was experiencing a number of personal setbacks during the year which led me having to halt my studies in september just before the course was coming to an end. I wanted to find out if anyone knows what possible course of action I can take to gain funding to resume my uncompleted modules and/or whether Student Finance England would be able to help out in any way?


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Hi there, I might be totally wrong about the English system (I am in Australia), but I don't think you would be eligible to get funding to complete an unfinished but almost complete Masters that you dropped out of voluntarily.

I would think there may be a remote chance you could use your completed work to give you either prior credit for a new Masters, or perhaps you could make an appeal to be reinstated in the old Masters so you could complete it and gain a qualification, but I would think if you were granted this, it would be on the understanding that it is self funded.

Other contributors or forumites might know more and many will be from the UK-so I am happy to be proven wrong-best wishes and good luck with it all.


I'm from the UK and I don't think you will get funding for that. Once the government has funded a course at a certain level, they won't fund it again.