Ability to concentration - dropped alot - dropped out of colleget - low iron


i did 5 years of college straight in a row after school, and in my 5th yr for the masters, it was becoming more and more difficult to concentrate for more than 20 mins, i didnt finish the masters but i will be next yr and even now at the moment, i can just about concentrate for 20 mins without feeling overloaded...help! anyone else experience this? had low iron last year, not sure if its a contributing factor. But its been getting me down and ive a million things on my mind which i cant stop worrying about (distractions ease it)....between inability to concentrate and wanting to snuggle up with a warm blanket and bouts of sleeping loads, and bouts of feeling completely exhausted, im trying to fight it - but failing miserably and I feel I'm screwed before I've even started to start the masters again next year!?!

Plus my supervisor hates me


im re-starting in september - focusing for 20mins, i brain feels overloaded, ive to do something else.

had really bad year, last year, this year im trying to repair myself- failing miserably at that too....

feel crappy...crappy boring life, no boyfriend, no money, barely living, no grounding....and needing lots of hugs to take away all bad things and make me feel better


the last post makes little sense in parts, so concentrating for 20 mins, and my head is boggled...and second question, what do you do if your supervisor hates you?


adding to this, i used to be able to concentrate for hours on end,, reading and writing


maybe you should go see a doctor.


Could be depression, or anaemia: the symtoms you describe have a lot of potential causes.

I would suggest seeing your doctor, too: they are there to help!


i understand how you feel. my supervisor hates me too. and it does make me feel bad and affects my concentration. but this forum and the kind and supportive people here makes me feel better. and i just try to concentrate at the task at hand. i set myself little goals and deadlines and work towards that. then reward myself.

i also have trouble working for long periods of time. so set myself little tasks to work in short spurts. then take a break. just do the best you can. the important thing is to work on it everyday, no matter how little. and try not to be so hard on yourself.

i understand the whole crappy life thing and not having a bf etc. studying is very lonely.


i agree with the others, try seeing a doctor, you could be suffering from depression and anxiety. you dont want to burn yourself out. seek some counselling, maybe at your college?