an illusive word symbol


I fear this is a bit of a longshot...

Does anyone know how to do an 'algebraic closure' symbol in word (it's the one where you put a line over the top of some letters). i need one over the letter Fst.


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Have no idea, but I spent about 2 hours looking for the dagger symbol this week and in the end just copied and pasted it from a page in google, so maybe you could do that?


If you can't do it as Sneaks suggests, could you create it as a graphic in photoshop or similar and paste it that way? I can see the line, but no way of putting it directly over letters... (line alone is option+shift+,). Sorry, not particularly helpful.


To overline a word in MS Word, this is how to do it:

1) Navigate your cursor to where you want to insert your overlined character or word.

2) Press CTRL + F9, which will insert a set of braces

3) Type in "EQ \x \to(P)" if you want to insert an overlined character above a P, otherwise replace P with your character or word.

4) Press Shift+F9 to get your character. Or, you can just re-highlight, right click and then select toggle fields.

Be careful putting the spaces in for the command. You have to get it just right, or you'll get Error! in place of your word and it won't work.


cheers mate, that worked a {EQ \x \to(treat)} ;-)