Books for the Bathroom


Just wondering if anyone else likes to read on the loo. I'm thinking of extending my little bathroom library, which currently includes a selection of flip-books, some Ivor Cutler, Borges' book of imaginary beings and a book of inventors and inventions which came free with a sunday paper a while ago.

Anyone else care to share their bathroom reading matter? Any recommendations?


hi Ubu! I'm pleasantly surprised that you like to read on the loo. I thought it was a guy-thing and only men read because they can sort of escape from everybody and have their own space in the toilet :-) My dad brings newspapers (so I never like to read them after he's used them because they will have a smell) so always get the paper BEFORE he gets it.

but since you asked, I like to look at retail or mall catalogues (like Lidl, Asda etc.) when I'm on the loo.
They have pictures, colourful and I can flip them around.

love satchi


You know, I've never understood the whole reading-on-the-loo thing. Reading material would encourage me to stay longer than necessary, and it's hardly the most comfortable seat in the house. No matter how desperate he is, my husband won't actually go to the toilet until he has found whatever book he is reading at the time. Occasionally, I'll read the back of a shampoo bottle if it catches my eye.

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No, Bleebles, I can't understand it either. Who wants to hang around in the loo? V. odd... And if the long loo stays are not through choice then perhaps a copy of 'The F Plan Diet' would be appropriate...

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I don't really get it either, although my husband takes a blimmin laptop in there with him and sits looking up football scores/gossip (apparently!)

Luckily its not the same computer I use for my PhD - although I am constantly wiping it down with anti-bac wipes - ewww!


You're quite right, it's not at all comfortable, keeps me in there longer than necessary, and yet I persist. I didn't realise I was so badly gendered on this issue, though. :$

I do, however, defend the flip books - they're less reading, more toilet-friendly moving image.


I also don't get the whole 'reading on the loo' thing! My dad also takes in papers, but it makes me all eughhhh and strikes me that reading matter will be ermm a bit yucky, especially if the loo lid isn't lowered before flushing - saw something on how far the faecal (?sp) matter spreads when flushed and the thought of it being on my books or anything is just too bleughh lmao. Now... in the bath... that's a different matter entirely, I love chick lit - I know, disgraceful, but I love to read something in the bath and in bed that is easy to read, complete garbage and I don't need to think about - I also like magazines in the bath lol, but on the loo??? No, I'm a straight in, straight out kinda girl - do the necessary and get out of there, i wouldn't want to stay there any longer than necessary - my husband though is another one who seems to move in and take up residence, he's been known to fall asleep on the loo before now then fall over when he gets up as his legs have gone dead lmao - too funny ;-)


Quote From stressed:

then fall over when he gets up as his legs have gone dead

Uh-oh, I've never actually fallen over but the dead leg thing has happened to me before :$

Totally with you on the reading in the bath thing though. Sometimes, if I'm getting stressed and befuddled, it's the only place I can concetrate, although then having to keep my hands dry is a bit of a pain. At least with chic lit it's not so distressing if the pages get wet and wrinkled.

Perhaps I should just invest in one of these:
Frankly it looks amazing - bath, wine, candle and a good book. What more could a girl need? :p

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I can't have baths - I get this wierd hyperventilation thing where I just have this massive 'attack' when I get out - wierd, as I can have the longest steamiest shower ever without it effecting me. i think its something to do with the water covering my heart or something ?

ANyway, I'm not really into chic lit - apart from ceclia ahearn. I am addicted to vampire fiction though :$ :$ :$ I've read all of twilight, all of the sookie stackhouse (true blood) series, and I'm currently reading the 3rd Vampire Academy books :$ :$ :$


For pure entertainment, it's got to be sci-fi and detective novels for me. Same with films actually.

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I do read chic lit occasionally. I get completely immersed in it for a few days and then don't touch it for months. My bed time reading is reveal, closer or similar - gets me off to sleep within a couple of minutes, and I re-read old copies. There are two in my bed at present.


Ubu that looks brilliant! The only problems I can see are that the wine glass holder doesn't look quite big enough for my wine glasses ;-) What would be very useful is if you could have interchangeable bits with a mug holder - don't you sometimes just need a cuppa in the bath :-)


Actually, I read in the loo, although it's usually just to read the post in the morning (considering most letters get recycled anyway). I've never understood reading in the bath -- what happens if you drop it? The pages would get all mushy and stuck together then you'll never find out what happens in the end...


Cornflower -that's why the bathroom caddy (see link below)!

Stressed -agreed. Perhaps even a hot-plate, directly above the candle, to keep the tea nice and warm?! :-x


Ohhhh, now you're talking Ubu!!!! Oh, and a special part of it for a bar of choccie - that is essential too ;-)

Cornflower, lol, I can honestly say that in goodness knows how many years and countless hours in the bath I've only dropped the book once when I fell asleep - and I was heavily pregnant at the time so it kind of landed on a little island lmao - only got slightly soggy round the edges ;-) I've never had a problem - the problem I have is when aforementioned hubby gets a shower..... we have an over bath shower thing and one of those utterly stupid glass screens and for some reason best known to himself he tends to see it as an opportunity to shower the whole flipping room - finding my pile of books and magazines floating in a lake has led to a near divorce experience on quite a number of occasions ;-)