Dear Postgradforumteam, please read this


You may have noticed that I have not been on here for a while.
This is because I am chained to my desk day and night working on a pointless project for a reputable Welsh university who use and abuse me and pay me in peanuts. I look back on my PhD days as a rather nice holiday.

Maybe you could create a section on your forum for abused postdocs like myself so we can swap our horror stories of slave labour?

Lots of love

Your number one fan, Wickid xx


Hello! I haven't joined the PGF Team or anything, just thought I'd say hi. It's been a while.


Hi Wickid and Sue, just saying hello!


Have the team gone into hibernation for the winter Blue Peter style?


Hey DJ. I'm not sure the PGF team have entirely answered your question, but the forum is all shiny and new right now. If you're still receiving notification emails drop by and say hi.