Do you feel sad to leave the country/city/place where you did you Master/ PhD?



I'll leave the country where I did my Master and PhD soon, after being here for about 5.5 years. I feel quite sad as it's quite far from my home country so I can't get back as frequent as I want and stay as long as I want after this. I'm feeling quite nervous to return to my country. I will have to adapt with a new surrounding again, many things have changed over the past 5 years.

I'm trying as much as I can to enjoy 'the last time of many things' e.g. 'the last time of eating/ drinking all the food/drinks that I like here', 'the last time of going to .....', 'the last time of seeing ....', 'the last time of traveling by ....', 'the last time of meeting some friends' right now. Of course there are few things that I don't like here (every country has its positive and negative aspects), I don' want to be a student here anymore, I'm happy to return to my country and I love my own country, but I'll definitely miss

1. the food especially t_ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. the people- their dynamic, their smiling faces, their politeness - although sometimes they are just pretending to be polite
3. the beautiful sceneries
4. the clean toilets
5. the clean cities
6. the trains :D
7. the transportation system
8. just walking in the city
9. exploring the new places in the country
10. the sense of achievement everytime I have successfully arrived to the destination while traveling alone (because I can't speak or read the local language)
11. all you can eat/ all you can drink service
12. feeling safer that my own country
13. the stability/ stable feeling
14. the harmonious feeling
15. my counselors
16. my life in here
17. cycling to the lab- funny because I used to hate going to the lab

Anyone else feeling the same?


How long till you leave huhu? You are bound to have mixed feelings about leaving after 5 and a half years!
All the best for the future :)


Hi huhu,
Like you, I have been here more than 5 years already. I also like the UK for the same reasons--cleaner environment, trains, transport system, oh yes. I definitely feel safer now. But not when I first arrived. I was harrassed by teenagers on the streets, I was chased by a boy trying to hit me, I was called a p**** by a small child when I walked past the playground. Children threw sand on my door and windows in the summer of 2010, they broke one window as well playing football outside even though they were not supposed to play there--and my house was burgled. It took me almost two years to recover from it--because I developed some kind of phobia. Everytime I came home, I would check the house to see if anyone was hiding, or look for broken glass. I never left the house without checking if I had locked the door twice, thrice etc.!

Nevertheless, I have grown to like this country! It is lovely, warts and all. Wishing you all the best for you--and a smooth transition back to your home country.

love satchi



Thanks Reenie and Satchi. I'm already back at my home country for about 1 week. I have to arrange for everything again- find a new house, decide whether to buy a car or use the public transport etc, and getting used to the way things are done in my country again.
Wow, Satchi. Your early experiences- harrassed by teenagers on the streets, chased by a boy, was called a p**** by a small child, house was burgled etc are quite terrifying. Thank god I never had those experiences while staying abroad previously. It's good that things are getting better for you now. Hope everything continuous to be fine until you graduate :-)