Doctor of the Universe!


I've just had an epiphany: I may have wasted my time doing my PhD. In fact, we all may be pursuing fruitless endeavours. For a mere $30 and a millionth of the effort (around 20 quid, I think), I/you could have become a Dr of the Universe or even a Dr of Universal Life:
Imagine having a qualification like that on your CV!? Just imagine being asked at all of those dinner parties what you're a Dr in...the universe...the universe.

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Wow I want to be a professor of the universe and then surely the next step is Timelord? or maybe Timelady? (sounds rubbish compared to timelord)

*chucks thesis draft in the bin and pays her $30*


hehehehehhehe good one wally
:-) :-) :-)
love satchi

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'Timelady' is so close to Tealady! How about 'Timemistress'? They have to have a woman as the Dr. next, surely.


Ha! - sounds like a bargain for $30... seriously though Walminski, you SHOULD be awarded the ULC's 'Doctor of Motivation' for all your helpful posts on this forum...

Perhaps one day when you're a highly respected professor, you could casually hang your 'Dr of the Universe' certificate up on your office wall alongside your real qualifications and watch your students' and colleagues' expressions when they see it..


I recently underwent training at work so that I could have full oversight and editor control of the information 'universe' containing all of our HR and financial info that we report against. The training certificate on my wall certifies that i am a qualified

'master of the universe'

Can't get better than that! Shame I cant do anything about the petrol prices though!


It is my ambition to gain a PhD in each Universe in which I've survived to adult age.

I'm not sure what this qualification would look like, but my bragging rights would be awesome.