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hiya sneaks!
I seem to have lost my voter-letter, you know the one they send us with our particulars etc.
Can I still vote without any hassle? THe only thing I can remember is when and where to go for voting....
:-) :-) :-)


Hi Satchi,

You don't need your polling card to vote. Just take some form of ID in case they need to check.



I'm still unsure, as I'm a bit concered about Lib Dem's aim of abolishing tuition fees- where are they intending to get all of this additional uni money from? I can just imagine HE job cuts, but maybe I'm missing something.


They are increasing tax on pension contributions, capital gains, taxing the banks more, adding a mansion tax, freezing public sector pay and pensions, and scrapping Trident to fund their key priorities: education (class sizes and tuition fees), electoral reform and abolishing income tax on the first 10k you earn.

I think they are also the least likely to cut higher education funding as well, and changing the application process so that impact is not a contributing factor to funding.


ok Caz
thanks :-)

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Hi Sneaks, I'd really like the lib-dems to win, but my constituency is rock solid labour, with lib-dems a very poor second, followed by Green and Conservative (not sure whose vote that is, and I doubt they'd own up to it where I live!) . So will probably vote lib-dem, just for the sake of the alternative polling statistics they run afterwards.

Their descision to scrap Trident is a major sway in my vote. I've always hated that, big money much better spent elsewhere IMO.

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haha, I had a huge argument with my daily mail reading mother in law over trident. She said that "we need something to defend ourselves as an island" - I'm not sure who/what she thought was going to invade - perhaps an army of basking sharks? I consulted my dad on the matter who is abit of a history buff and he said the last time we had actually been invaded was like the Vikings or something (he said something different, but I'd tuned out - it was definitely a good long time ago though).

She also used that family of 14 or whatever, who live off benefits as an argument against 'loony liberal lefties' and the benefit system. So I 'baffled' her with stats speak and told her that if you had a normal distribution this family would fall pretty much in the extremes of that distribution and therefore you shouldn't  base your opinions on them haha!

My mother in law is also running for conservative councillor, but can't even be arsed to turn up for the result! Can you imagine if you had voted for her and she couldn't be bothered to see if she'd won! :-(

I'm LD btw - my loony left wing parents brought me up that way and I think cameron is just plain creepy and i reckon there's an evil puppet master behind the tories that we won't see until later *shudders*