Finding a furnished room in the UK


Hi everyone,

I'm coming to UK for an approximately three-month long research visit, arriving in two weeks. I've tried to find a furnished room using, and gumtree, but tend to receive few answers to my e-mail queries. I wonder if you could give me some insight into the usual way of finding a room in the uk, I mean if I should rather try calling than e-mailing (more expensive!) and if there are any additional sites it would be worth the effort to take a look at? Or should I simply wait until I get there in order to be able to view the rooms right away?



Hi Farie,

I was looking for a place myself only last week, and I have to admit that it was really hard to arrange even a viewing! Worst of all, nobody believed me... It seems like a hard period when students come to London, and there is a shortage of housing. In this desperation I would almost take anything in any price.

I would advice to be cautious when "landlords" ask for deposits through Western Union.

Also you might consider to put your application in the residence, so you will be closer to work in a reasonable price.

It is going to be better from now on, new things seem to come up.


If you want to call, you can always use Skype. Once you buy credit you can ring landlines and mobiles in other countries from it.