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As many of you will know, we have an office gerbil called Foxy. He has asked me to let you all know that he's now on Twitter and would like you to follow him:

He says he'll put a picture of himself on it as soon as he can work out how to use a camera. I may have to give him a hand if he hasn't managed it by tomorrow...

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A cynical attempt to lure us in with a fluffy animal... it may just work.


I don't like gerbils. If a hamster had an ugly would be a gerbil. They've got really extreme faces, with their bulging inky-black eyes and Davina McCall-like, coke-snorting noses. My sister used to have one when I was younger and, my god, how it used to torment me with its hamster wheel orgies at 3 am in the morning. Do be careful with it though PG-Forum team; their tails can come off really easily and never grow back quite the same. I can't remember what happened to my sister's gerbil but I know where to find it: in Hell.


Foxy is most unimpressed by your negative comments, Wally. He wishes to tell you that clearly your sister's pet was NOT a gerbil. He would like you to know that gerbils are diurnal, and that he and his fellow gerbils would never dream of playing on their wheels at night - they are far too busy napping and being cute. Foxy also says that his tail is firmly attached and that he resents the accusation that his tail is of a substandard quality. In addition, he says that you are a fine one to talk, considering that you yourself presumably don't even have a tail (perhaps your comments are motivated by tail-envy?). In conclusion, Foxy suggests that your sister's childhood pet was in fact an evil hamster with a fake tail (aka a wannabe gerbil), and that you should really get your facts straight before making such wild and slanderous aspersions.


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I was procrastinating and looking at pictures of Foxy on the Twitter profile - and he is a real cutey. (up)

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Hello Foxy!


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Thanks for providing information caz...i will definitely visit that particular URL... :-)