Forum Improvments - What would you like?


H, I think Ferrari is only just the norm now, so it's probably not too much to ask for, hopefully...


More smileys. And, in particular, one which holds up a sign saying "OFF TOPIC".

When are we going to see the first changes? Given the speed of response to our request, I suspect it will be after 2018?


I think my previous post has been deleted - concerning improvement/alternative forums (obviously this is a commercial site, so fair enough).

On that note, my suggestions:
- PMs
- Having a more traditional forum interface - eg. like proboards, so one can see all the different categories in one glance, and also see new threads.
- Not having the ability to look at a posters history - on this type of site it's good to keep some privacy.
- I suppose in some ways a profile facility would be good - but most wouldn't use it.
- Editing facility
- More smilies!


I too think being able to post longer replies would be an improvement.


We would like a function where we can have little profiles next to our usernames, for example with age, research field and so on, but of course voluntarily. Also, it might be good to see how many users are currently reading a thread, then a function to make our own little surveys, if possible. And PM (Private Messages) and editing, of course.

I second this idea Jouri!


I think you should magic up some sort of indicator to show how many posts a person has submitted. Perhaps those who post often could be given a gold star or a BBQ sausage.

An online/offline indicator may prove useful to those who like to see that they are, in fact, online.

Perhaps people could be allowed to have those annoying footers, such as "There's nothing wrong with my spelling, it's my typing that sucks" etc, which incidentally is no excuse. I've never heard anyone blame their handwriting for poor spelling and grammar. Innit.

Lastly, I think you should have a supervisors forum which is not accessible to students.


An control panel and the ability to subscribe to threads. Also an ignore function.


New smilies is a good idea jouri, like one saying referring to the links on the left that so many people in the forum are oblivious of.


Some forums tell you how many people are browsing particular threads at any one time. I quite like that - it gives a useful indicator of what most people are reading, or what they're not.


When are the new features going to be brought in?


WHEN is it happening? Your silence on this issue, administrators, is slightly annoying. 500 views on the thread and all we get is silence? Just tell us, please, is it going to happen or not. If not, fair enough. If yes, some sort of indicator when (for example, 2009, 2010, new millenium) would be helpful.


Having said that, I still think it's a great forum. It certainly helped me getting through my PhD thus far.

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Changes will happen soon, we're just working on getting it right as well as everything else we do here. so have patience, good things come to those who wait!



Nothing YET


Any more news on the forum?