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I am a Water Engineer (Sanitation and Water Treatment) with a Master's degree in Energy Engineering focused on the production of energy from renewable sources such as biogas, etc. I am currently in the 2nd year of my PhD in Environment and Water Resources and I would like to do a Post-doc after my PhD defense in December 2023. I am looking to do a Post-doc in Environment with a focus on Sanitation and Treatment of water or Energy, specifically in the generation of energy from biogas.

Unfortunately, so far my research to find a public notice in one of these areas has not been successful. How I do? Do you think it's too early for me to look for a Postdoc starting in 2024? If yes, when should I start this quest and where do I start?

Thank you for understanding.


The majority of postdocs I see advertised require someone to start within a few months of them being advertised, there is usually some flexibility with start dates - which depends on when funding is allocated. Most students I speak to start looking for Postdocs during the final year of the Ph.D.

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Hi mjhr_87,

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I am something of a biogas scientist myself :)

I agree with Cat123, start looking in your final year, as most positions require you start within 3-4 months of applying. It is a bit awkward applying for postdocs and writing your thesis at the same time but most funding sources don't allow long delays over a few months. If you want to improve your chances of getting a postdoc I would focus on broadening your skills, networking at conferences and publications.